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Employee  Fiduciary Releases Small Business 401k Plan Design Study

Posted by Holly Roussel-Godfrey on Nov 30, 2016

Study summarizes the most common plan designs used by 2,767 small business 401k plan sponsors nationwide

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Employee Fiduciary Releases a Real-World Database of Small Business 401k Fees That Names Names with Full Dollar Cost Disclosures

Posted by Holly Roussel-Godfrey on Sep 29, 2015

Employee Fiduciary has released its database of 401k fee comparisons compiled from live data over the last twelve months. The database lifts the lid on the overly complex and often misleading fees charged to small business retirement plans. The database identifies plan providers by name and provides searchable data that allow plan sponsors to compare and benchmark their current plan fees.

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Employee Fiduciary Announces Subsidiary

Posted by Holly Roussel-Godfrey on Aug 5, 2015

Frugal Financial Delivers Low Cost, Fiduciary-Grade Investment Advice to 401k Plans

Employee Fiduciary has announced the launch of Frugal Financial Retirement Plan Services, LLC (“Frugal Financial”), a wholly-owned subsidiary. Frugal Financial is a registered investment advisor, serving 401k and other types of retirement plans exclusively. It’s Frugal Financial’s mission to complement and extend Employee Fiduciary’s core values and services, providing low-cost, fiduciary–grade investment advice to its clients.

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Employee Fiduciary Launches Financial Advisor Directory

Posted by Holly Roussel-Godfrey on Jul 29, 2015

Employee Fiduciary, LLC announces the launch of its new, online Financial Advisor Directory.  The directory will include the general contact information, website, types of plans administered, years in business, and credentials of all Employee Fiduciary financial advisor partners who submitted their business listing and have at least one plan with Employee Fiduciary. A search can be done by zip code so a plan sponsor can find a financial advisors in their area. Plan sponsors may access the directory at

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Employee Fiduciary Announces Record Sales for First Half of 2015

Posted by Holly Roussel-Godfrey on Jul 10, 2015

Employee Fiduciary announces record sales for the first half of 2015. The company saw a 64% increase in sales compared to the first half of 2014. With proposals up 65% compared with last year, Employee Fiduciary anticipates their rapid growth to continue for the remainder of 2015. 

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Employee Fiduciary Announces Free 401k Fee Comparison Service

Posted by Greg Carpenter on Jun 5, 2014

Employee Fiduciary, LLC today announced a new fee comparison service for 401k plan sponsors. The company will review and interpret a service provider’s Section 408(b)(2) fee disclosure document and plainly summarize its fees in dollars - both direct fees and indirect fees paid by mutual fund companies. There is no cost for this service.

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