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Clarity in a Complex World? A 408b-2 Review

Posted by Eric Droblyen on Jul 1, 2015

I look at a lot of 401k service provider fee (408b-2) disclosures.  At least 2 per week. Some are excellent and straight forward, while others are as clear as mud.  This is a problem for 401k fiduciaries.  It’s their responsibility to ensure their 401k plan only pays reasonable plan expenses.  When 408b-2 disclosures are unclear, satisfying this responsibility becomes more difficult.

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Topics: 408(b)(2), 401(k)

Industry heavyweight SPARK weighs in on 408(b)(2) fee disclosure reform. We take issue with their key point.

Posted by Greg Carpenter on Apr 24, 2014

SPARK Weighs in on 408(b)(2)
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