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New Online 401(k) Plans Disrupt Retirement Market

Posted by Holly Roussel-Godfrey on Sep 1, 2016

New Online 401(k) Plans Disrupt Retirement Market - The Wall Street Journal

In an era in which more companies are being sued over fees and other features of their retirement plans, “a brand name is a big advantage” when trying to win new customers, said Employee Fiduciary CEO Eric Droblyen.

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Written by: Holly Roussel-Godfrey

Holly Roussel-Godfrey joined the Employee Benefits industry in 2005 as head of marketing and sales for ftwilliam.com, a plan document and government forms software provider. Holly was responsible for developing successful marketing and sales strategies for each of the company’s software modules. Because of her passion for customer service, Holly was selected to develop a highly effective training program for Third Party Administrators and Advisors after the company was acquired by Wolters Kluwer in 2009. As Vice President – Marketing & Sales for Employee Fiduciary, Holly is responsible for the sales team as well as all marketing initiatives for the company, including inbound marketing and social media. Holly earned her BS degree in Marketing from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee.

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